What to expect in the first year of piano Instruction

The first year of piano instruction is dedicated to reading music fluently along with the memorization of some Major and Minor mode Scales.  Music should be treated like a language which needs to be taught through reading staff and ledger lines notes as learning our first steps through phonics. Practice and constant repetition is needed and in time your child will be able to read like the masters. Here are some insights into my students’ first year of instruction:

Technique: 1st Year
Knowledge of Pentatonic Scales. Use of fingering (1-3) (2-4) (3-5) in triads and (1-5) for fifths and sixths. Learning how to cross the thumb on Major Scales and the use of the two notes slur. Major Scales on white keys ascending/descending hands separate and together 1 octave long. All Scales are played “portato” and “legato”.
C Major
G Major
D Major
A Major
E Major
B Major
Minor Scales A minor, D minor and E minor hands separate and together 1 octave long.
Chords ( I IV V I ) on given scales separate hands broken and in blocks. Separate hands.